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Please place your order by 10PM Friday to ensure availability of your order by next day Saturday 3pm. We receive fresh Sea Urchin every Saturday. However, availability of Sea Urchin is highly weather dependent so we may cancel your order if we are unable to fulfill it.


Off California's Pacific coast, the abundance in kelp and swirling currents provides the perfect ecosystem for sea urchin to flourish in. Veteran divers hand-pick each sea urchin from the rocky ocean floor to ensure the highest quality and grade. The rich and creamy sweetness of the uni will melt in your mouth - a validation of its fresh taste.


Note: For maximum enjoyment, all fresh uni should be refrigerated and consumed within 4-6 days upon delivery.

Premium California Sea Urchin (Uni)

  • All sales are final and we cannot offer any refunds or exchange once the product is delivered.

    We do guarentee the quality of our product as long it is properly refrigerated and consumed within 4-6 days upon delivery.

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